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The Bullet 770 HollowPoint is the most powerful speaker of its size.  The 770HPC provides nearly twice the midbass surface area of the 650 in a pod that is almost twice the displacement.  Yet the 770 is only 8-inches in diameter.  If you want amplitude with real attitude in a tower speaker that will compliment the appearance of your boat then the Bullet 770 HollowPoint is unequalled. 

This is not just another car stereo speaker simply plugged into a can.  HollowPoints are engineered from the ground up specifically for wakeboarding.  Designed to project to the rider, HollowPoints are voiced for a clear and balanced response at 80 feet.
At the heart of the HollowPoint is a Horn Loaded Compression Driver (HLCD).  Borrowed from the pro sound industry, this is the stuff of rock concerts.  A powerful 2-inch titanium tweeter is coupled to a long horn travelling down the midbass speaker's axis.  Bullet's unique grill becomes an integral part of the horn by providing the flared mouth.
To compliment the compression horn tweeter, Bullet's long throw midbass driver is optimized for the small displacement of a tower pod.  This is a significant departure from tower speakers that use car stereo products which are intended for installation into doors or trunks.  Bullet's midbass driver features a carbon fiber woven cone for a high stiffness-to-mass ratio.  HollowPoints deliver excellent midbass with quick transients and low distortion.  A butyl rubber surround offers the maximum resistance to ultraviolet damage and mechanical fatigue.
The HollowPoint's multi-element crossover translates into steeper slopes for greater power handling and a smoother response.
You can't beat the prestige and durability of spun-aluminum Bullet pods.  The original Bullet shape is streamlined and perfectly symetrical.  The fit and finish, whether powder coated or chromed, is unmatched.

Bullet Tower Speaker Applications

Bullet speakers will mount to just about any boat in any manner. 
Bullet speakers can be rotated in their pod without compromising the structural mounting strength.  This allows the grills to appear straight and uniform regardless of the tower's lean or curvature.
The Bullet pod will rotate 360º on its collar so you can mount Bullets under, over, inside or outside your tower and maintain a perfect level, both in the horizontal and vertical plane.  This is particularly useful on Regal, Yamaha, FourWinns, Crownline and similar towers where speakers can be doubled up and staggered on the outside of the tower.  Bullets have the mounting versatility to avoid conflicts with bimini tops and board racks.  Bullets can mount to transverse rails, overhead crossbars or side crossbars.
Bullet pods will direct mount to a Malibu Illusion or a MasterCraft tower without the need for additional parts.
Also, Bullet pods can integrate into 4-pack, 6-pack and combo wings, plus many other custom applications.



770 HollowPoint



Cone Material

Carbon fiber





Nominal Diameter (Cone)



Nominal Impedance

4 ohm


Power Rating (Max)



Power Rating (RMS)



Sensitivity (1w/1m)



Frequency Range






Re (D.C)

3.6 ohm

6.6 ohm




Voice Coil Wire



Voice Coil Bobbin






Overall diameter

7  3/4"


Bolt circle diameter

6  7/8"


Cut-out diameter



Mounting depth



Net weight

9 lb


Throat diameter



Hang Height with clamp

9 1/4"



Available in Black, Chrome and White - with Black Chrome or White Grills.

About The Bullet HollowPoint Speakers